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East NY bodega owner hosts radio show in deli's basement (Ver Video)

A bodega owner is making his radio hosting dreams come true right from his deli in East New York.

Geovanny Valdez came to New York City at 18 years old from the Dominican Republic.
"When I came here, I said 'why don't I have my own online radio station?' I have a lot of people that know me in my country and why not here?" he says. 
Valdez started to buy radio equipment, and eventually opened his deli on the corner of Linwood Street and Belmont Avenue with his brother five years later. He then built his own studio in the basement.
His station, La Relambia FM 94.1 is a Dominican Republic term that Valdez says describes him perfectly.
"I'm fun. I'm a Relambio, that's who I am and I play all kinds of music. People are going to like it," he says. 
With more than 50,000 followers worldwide, Valdez says his show is never scripted, goes over different topics and gives others opportunities to shine.
"I want to help artists that people don't know. I want to show the world," he says.
La Relambia is expanding its radio show in the upcoming year.

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