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Tourist is spotted carrying a 'dolphin' over his shoulder as he tries to bring it home from a beach

A man was filmed carrying a marine animal at a beach in Hailing Island, China on  May 1

A Chinese tourist has been caught on camera carrying a dolphin-like marine animal on a beach in Hailing Island, China.

Initial investigation carried out by the local fisheries bureau indicated that the animal, likely to be a dolphin, had been washed ashore and believed to be dead.
It's not clear why the man took away the protected marine animal, but officials have been looking for the man.
Mobile phone footage emerged showing a swimmer carrying a marine animal similar to a dolphin over his shoulder and walking on a beach.
A person can be heard saying 'it's a dolphin'.
The incident took place in Hailing Island at Guangdong Province on May 1, reported 
Guangdong Provincial Fisheries Bureau launched an investigation upon receiving reports from local residents.
A security guard working near the beach told the investigation team that the 'dolphin' was dead and covered in wounds when it was being found on the beach.
'There were villagers and tourists looking at the dolphin but a man came and took it away,' he told the staff from the fisheries bureau.
The unnamed man then placed the mammal in his car and drove away, stated in the official investigation report.
According to China's Law of Wildlife Protection, dolphins are one of the listed species. Citizens are not allowed to hunt, kill, sell or keep the protected species, even if the mammals are found dead. 
Keith Guo, press officer at PETA Asia told MailOnline that dolphins share strong family bonds and have social networks.
'If one their own is captured, other dolphins will suffer from depression,' he said.