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Dubai Police begin training officers how to pilot $150,000 flying motorbikes

Dubai police officers have begun training on flying motorbikes with four propellers to help them fight crime from the skies. 

Police believe the S3 2019 hoverbike, designed by a California tech firm, will help them reach hard-to-access areas when they respond to emergencies.   

Footage shows one officer wearing a motorcycle helmet taking off from a football pitch in a flying lesson in front of Dubai's skyline. 

The hoverbikes will be in action by 2020 with two crews already learning how to pilot them, CNN reported. 

'Currently we have two crews already training and we're increasing the number,' said Khalid Nasser Alrazooqi of Dubai Police.  

Designers Hoversurf presented the flying contraption to Dubai authorities at GITEX, an annual technology trade fair in Dubai. 

The firm said they could provide 30 or 40 to Dubai if police were interested and said the emirate's law enforcement had exclusive rights to order as many vehicles as they needed.