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Our roots can be found in ultra-precision machining, and our spindle options are being used in this market to great success. Combined with the robustness and functionality of a CNC Heated Blanket Full Size tool spindle we will to} provide options for both ultra-precision and CNC machining. Our work-holding spindle, the ASD-Px, has been recognized to be very useful for grinding purposes, corresponding to minimizing sub-surface-damages whilst grinding glass lenses. Our ASD010PH63M is shipped with a handbook HSK-C63 tooling system and an optionally available high-pressure rotary feed-through. This high stiffness, pace and astounding accuracy mean aerostatic spindles are higher suited to the machining of optical components when comparability with} their roller bearing counterparts. Though applied for various reasons on different machine types, all types of compensation permit the CNC user to allow for unpredictable conditions related to tooling.